Matej Sumnik was born in Slovenia. He moved to Netherlands in 1993 to study dance at the Art Academy in Amsterdam and he performed in many musical productions and TV shows all over Europe. After his successful dancing career, progressive house music became his new passion. He surprised many clubbers at the after-party “Finally Dance Matinee” in Amsterdam, he played at the Fight Club and the annual “Love Dance” in Paradiso.

In December 2005 he became resident at “Joystick”, one of the biggest parties in Amsterdam, followed by residency at “Sleaze Ball’ Amsterdam. Shortly after, he received invitations by the Strong Party in Brussels and Nightkomm in Cologne.

Another big success was at Joyride XL, one of the best parties of the year 2006. September 2006 meant another success at after-party Subway at La Loco in Paris.

At the beginning of 2007 he was invited to become one of the residents of Butterfly Rotterdam, while in February he was invited on the radio show of DJ Mental X at Virus radio in Zurich and to play at the legendary Labyrinth Club. He continued his success by becoming one of the few European DJ’s who have the honor of playing at Under –Paris, one of the best known after–hour parties.

In 2008 he was attending SAE Institute in Amsterdam, getting in touch with electronic music production and being resident dj and promoter for The Rabbithole in Amsterdam.

Dj Matej Sumnik continues to focus on combining minimal techno sound with house in very unique way, succeeding to have a very original sound and to be recognized as a grooving talent.